November 25 – A clingy 10 year old is difficult

This is pretty typical from my experience

This is pretty typical from my experience

When I picked Ana up from school she was calmer than normal (I’d put her at a 5). It was an early pick up since we had to go to OT and she actually had a pretty good ride over there compared to last week’s NIGHTMARE ride. When we got to OT Ana did not want to leave the van without me. I had not anticipated this clingy behavior at all! She came back out early because her behaviors prohibited her from working on OT goals. The therapist recommended we stop OT until she can get her behaviors under control or until I can attend with her which I cannot because of the other kids.

At home she began making her yucky noises so I held her. She did not want to get up from the rocking chair. She asked that I lay with her in bed. I’ve noticed over the last week that she wants me to do things with her that is reserved for the babies (like lying together in bed).  I laid with her for a few minutes before she became agitated and then head butted me. I put her in a cradle hold and told her our time on the bed was over because she hurt mommy.

Once out of the bedroom I let the dog out to go to the bathroom and she began banging on the door because we were apart. We now take banging on the door very seriously because two weeks ago she punched through a pane of glass. Luckily, she did not hurt herself more than a few scratches – amazing actually.  When I came back in she wanted to rock some more in the rocking chair. Obviously I can’t spend all my time holding her but that is what she wants. Exactly. So, I’m going to need some help with this one.

I’ve noticed today that she is wanting to not just do things with me but imitate what I do. Like for instance I filled my glass with water and she wanted a drink, but only from my glass. When I got a snack she wanted to share mine, not get her own.  This is definitely new! Also new is her actually helping me with cooking, not just cohabitating the same room.